Our Suppliers

Know your farmer Know your Food!!!

For IntentaVida the farmers we work with are the heart and soul of our company. Everything we do, everything we work for, and everything we want to achieve is for our farmers. Therefore, it is important to support our farmers any way we can.

This includes providing them with all the tools and resources they need to grow their farms. Like focusing on fair trade and never cutting costs with our farmers. Getting them in contact with various organizations and companies to help them grow their business. Most importantly we believe in transparency. Telling the story of our farmers so that everyone around the world can truly understand how important they are to our daily lives. If people are aware of all the struggles and hard work farmers have to go through to grow the food we love. They will begin to appreciate them more and help us create a world where everyone is treated equally.

With that being said we are excited to introduce the three different farms we work with in Colombia. Check below to learn more about our farmers and to understand where your favourite freeze dried fruit comes from!

Farmers Story

"Don Jose "



"El Triunfo Farms" grows and harvests our Freeze Dried Banana.


"La Chucua Farms" grows and harvests our Freeze Dried Mango.
IMG_4276_jpg (1)


"Montenegro Farms" grows and harvests our Freeze Dried Guanabana.