Tasty fruit grown with love !!

Between small and medium producers, Colombia has about 35,000 hectares of planted mango. All of these crops have an average yield of 10 tons per hectare, with an estimated national production of 350,000 tons per year.  In Colombia there is a great variety of mango, such as Sugar Mango, Tommy Mango, Yulima Mango, Common Mango and Keitt Mango. The main mango producing areas in Colombia are in Cundinamarca, Tolima and Magdalena.

Our Colombian farmers sell the fresh fruit in a basket, to intermediaries who visit the farms in the two harvest seasons. The first season is in November, December, and January. The second in June, July, and August. The intermediaries always take the best quality fruits and are the ones that determine the price of the baskets. However, by following this buying process the farmers do not know the true cost of their products. The majority of farms do not have access to technology, which prevents them from accessing accurate information and taking opportunities to innovate and grow their business. This results in the intermediaries being able to sell the farmers products at a higher price without giving the farmer a fair market price. On the other hand, IntentaVida focuses on giving farmers a fair price so they have the resources they need to grow their business.🌳

Our mango is grown in the department of Magdalena. In a community dedicated to mango production, formed by the union of several small  farms. All with the same goal: to produce excellent quality food and have a good quality of life, together as a family. With their professionalism, care and dedication, they have consolidated their crops. Making them more technical and obtaining various certifications such as the GlobalG.AP., BPA (good agricultural practices), among others, to offer you magnificent quality mangoes.