Our Product's Journey

From the ground to your table !!

Our Suppliers

Selecting the right fruits !!

The first stage of the freeze dried process starts with our farmers. We work with small farmers in Colombia that care about their fruit. They grow natural, real fruit that is grown without any unnecessary chemicals. Our farmers care for their customers, their employees, their community and the environment.


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Processing Our Fruit

Our Transportation

Leave The Driving To Us !!


We work with many companies to ensure that our product is safely and efficiently transported from Colombia to your home. Take a look below to learn more about each company!


Farrow is our customs broker that clears our goods through customs to ensure they meet Canadian requirements.


Kayo3PL helps transport our products from the airport to their warehouse and they help us fulfill online orders.

Our Storage

We take care of our quality !!

Kayo3PL is a family owned “Third Party Logistics Company”. Kayo not only helps us transport our goods, but they store our products in their warehouse as well. They have a state of the art facility that meets Canadian regulations, to safely store our freeze dried fruit products.


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The Online Ordering Process

The order is placed 
IntentaVida begins to process the order
The order is packed and shipped
Your package is delivered